Christian Ting

Film and TV Editor

Christian Ting is the senior Film and TV editor of Hyphen Magazine and producer and host behind "Hyphen in Hollywood", the magazine's entertainment podcast, which he founded in 2019. Outside of Hyphen, he works in Film and TV Development for Made With Love Media, a production company founded by Emmy-winning producer Stephen "Dr" Love. Prior to working at Made With Love Media, he worked at Creative Artists Agency, Facebook, Twitter, and the Center for Asian American Media. He currently lives in Los Angeles. 

Hyphen Presents “Creation: A Hyphen Original Video Series” Starring Maria Zhang

Maria Zhang, an award-winning Polish-Chinese actress and artist, is a talent defined by her multitudes. The accomplished actress, who just wrapped filming the guest lead role of Suki on Netflix’s Avatar: The Last Airbender, has been on a roll recently, captivating audiences with her lead role in All I Ever Wanted, a 2021 Film Independent Project Involve short film that broadens what an Asian and Asian American experience looks like by showcasing a joyful queer love story between two teenagers.

"Hyphen in Hollywood" Podcast: DINNER PARTY Actors’ Roundtable with writer/director Chris Naoki Lee, Imani Hakim, Kara Wang, Kausar Mohammed and Allison Paige

Returning to the podcast after being featured in a standout episode last season, actor, writer and feature film director Chris Naoki Lee expressed his excitement about making a meaningful return. Lee’s feature directorial debut, Dinner Party, has been drawing significant buzz across the festival circuit (including positive reception at SCAD Savannah Film Festival, Portland Film Festival and Studio City Film Festival in L.A.). Through some clever coordination, we pitched a fun idea: Why not bring some of the key cast along for the conversation?

"Hyphen in Hollywood" Podcast: Writer/Director Emily Teera's Soul Food Serves Up Forgiveness, Fantasy and Finding Your Way Home

Emily Teerasuphaset (เอมิลี ธีรสุภะเสฏร์, she/her), the writer and director of the upcoming short Soul Food, joined the Hyphen in Hollywood podcast to discuss her project, whose crowdfunding campaign is currently active and nearing its target goal.

“Hyphen in Hollywood” Podcast: Director Maureen Bharoocha Talks ’80s Nostalgia, Arm Wrestling Championships and Directing on the Set of Saved by the Bell

Maureen Bharoocha, a Los Angeles-based South Asian American director who recently directed the “La Guerra de Aisha” episode on the acclaimed second season of the new Saved by the Bell, stopped by the Hyphen in Hollywood podcast to share laughs, wisdom and memorable hot takes on comedy’s crucial role in our busy lives. 


I couldn’t help but smile listening to Jayden Zhang talk about his time working on Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, Marvel Studios' latest film, which has Jayden taking on the role of young Shang-Chi. Whether it was his charismatic confidence or how earnest his understanding was of the significance of this film, all feelings rushed into view as we chatted, fanboyed and laughed together over Zoom.

Crazy Rich Asians' Nico Santos Talks Fashion and Representation - An Exclusive Hyphen Video Interview

Crazy Rich Asians was released in theaters this past weekend. In honor of this significant milestone in Asian American film, our film and tv editor Christian Ting met with Nico Santos in L.A. to conduct a very special interview at the Beverly Center. Nico, who is widely known for his role as Mateo on NBC's Superstore, began his career as a stand-up comedian, with appearances at several L.A. comedy venues and United Citizen's Brigade Asian AF shows.

The Daily Show’s Ronny Chieng on Stand-up, Crazy Law Students, Crazy International Students and Crazy Rich Asians

An Exclusive Hyphen Interview

On an already simmering Wednesday morning in the heart of West Hollywood, I met up with stand-up comedian and actor Ronny Chieng at Pailhouse, a boutique hotel. Ronny, who is best known to American audiences as Trevor Noah’s spirited senior correspondent on The Daily Show, shared his excitement over being cast as Eddie Cheng in the upcoming Crazy Rich Asians.

Kulap Vilaysack discusses Family, Fame and Finding Laos in Los Angeles

This transcript is taken from a May 2018 interview with Kulap in Hollywood, CA. Kulap returned from the San Francisco premiere of her documentary Origin Story. The film, which also served as her directorial debut, followed her journey back to Laos to learn the truth about her biological father. Over matcha tea and lamenting parking tickets we discussed her personal journey in bringing this idea to life.

As We Babble On – East West Players' Latest Kicks off a Promising Summer Theater Season

The world premiere of As We Babble On took place this month at LA’s renowned East West Players. In association with the Los Angeles LGBT Center, the exciting new play penned by EWP’s See Change Playwriting Competition Winner Nathan Ramos explores intersectionality, sexuality and personal agency in the digital age with striking clarity, mixing astute observations about gender, race, and social class with a thoroughly modern twist.

GYM BUDDIES Shruti Saran and Nikita Redkar Explore Powerlifting and Female Empowerment

Creator Shruti Saran and Star Nikita Redkar Talk About Their New YouTube Series

Writer, director and lifter Shruti Saran understands the value of representation in media just as much as she values proper form in executing a power clean in her local gym. The Austin-based screenwriter, whose work has been a finalist in the Finish Line Script Competition and Austin Film Festival, eyed an admittedly different approach with her latest effort, a quirky web series called Gym Buddies.

Sari Arambulo: Rising Star of NBC’s A.P. Bio

On Her Favorite Disney Films and The Unpredictable Life of the Full-Time Student Actor

On a cold March afternoon at a café in Silver Lake, I had the pleasure of being introduced to Sari Arambulo, an up-and-coming actress currently starring on NBC’s new comedy, A.P. Bio. The LA native shared her sunny disposition, love of early 2000’s hip-hop and what it’s like to go from the TV classroom to the real one at USC — often within the same day.

Christian Ting: What first got you into acting? Who were some of your acting role models growing up?

Emmy-nominated Filmmaker Nanfu Wang’s Explores Identity and Personal Freedom on the Street with "I AM ANOTHER YOU"

To know Nanfu Wang is to know her rise to fame as both a critically lauded filmmaker as well as sensitive, subject-driven documentarian. I had the opportunity to sit down with the Emmy-nominated and Academy Award for Best Documentary-shortlisted filmmaker over her latest project, a film called I Am Another You. In the documentary, Nanfu follows Dylan Olsen, a young homeless man whose thirst for adventure rings astutely free in the face of a capitalist-driven society.

Linsanity – Five Years Later, Director Evan Jackson Leong Ruminates on Sundance

Asian American Athletes, and the Craze that Swept the World

When someone mentions February in New York, a handful of things come to mind: cold weather, Valentine’s Day reservations on the Low East Side, and New York Fashion Week. Yet, in 2012, and less than a year after the NBA lockout deprived fans of a proper season of their favorite sport, a sensation lit up Madison Square Garden like New Year’s Day. His name was Jeremy Lin. But to the world, he was simply Linsanity.

From Weekday Lawyer to War Lord: "The Shannara Chronicles'" Desmond Chiam Makes a Case for the Magic of Asian Elves

The dark, enchanted world of "The Shannara Chronicles," a mix of post-apocalyptic and fantasy elements, has been gaining momentum as its second season moves ahead on Spike TV. With elves, demons, and plenty of magic scattered throughout the Four Lands, another entity hopes to seize control — the indomitable General Riga. The actor bringing this ruthless character to life, Demsond Chiam, offered to step out of the Four Lands to share the magic behind the madness.

The Foreigner: White Terrorism, Yellow Heroism

Jackie Chan, perennial action star and cultural ambassador for both Asia and martial arts, submitted his resume into the genre of grieving-older-man-seeking-vengeance with the opening of The Foreigner, a Martin Cambell-directed, Pierce Brosnan co-starred film this past month. Chan, who since the 2000s has slowly drifted away from the action-comedy films that have all but defined his career, will likely take American audiences by surprise with his latest role.

An Interview with David So

Film Editor Christian Ting speaks with David So about the new film Gook, a drama based around the L.A. riots of 1992

In August, Korean American actor Justin Chon released Gook, a drama based around the infamous L.A. riots of 1992. The film showcased a fresh and unflinching portrayal of the riots, chronicling the lives of Korean American brothers Eli and Daniel (played by Chon and David So, respectively) as well as their unlikely friendship with a young African American girl, Kamilla (played by Simone Baker) immediately after the verdict of the Rodney King trial was publicly announced.

Transforming Representation, Real Roles in Disguise

Hollywood’s Great Pandering Act to the Asian Market

Summer is coming to a close and with it the box office run of the biggest Hollywood tentpole films. Yet there’s something different in the air this year. A quick glance at Pirates of the Caribbean 5, The Fast and the Furious 8, and (here we go again) Michael Bay’s Transformers 5 reveals respectable box office receipts but hides a troubling trend. All of these films, despite coming off record-breaking hauls from the previous entries, are making less money in the United States. Hundreds of millions of dollars less.